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2017 Advent and Christmas Season
Sunday Mornings in Advent    8 AM & 11 AM

December 3, Communion    
     Sermon                 Dr. Michael Rogers
     Offertory (8:00)     Stephanie Magaro, Soprano
     Offertory (11:00)    The Lord Shall Come and Not Be Slow          –Highben
                                    E’en So Lord Jesus, Quickly Come                     –Manz
                                    Senior Choir

December 10
     Sermon                Dr. Michael Rogers
     Prelude                Westminster Flutes    
     Offertory (8:00)    Johanna Rogers, Soprano
     Anthem (11:00)     Junior Choir                                 
     Offertory (11:00)    Good People All, This Christmastime                –Butler  
                                   Senior Choir

December 17
     Sermon                Dr. Michael Rogers
     Offertory (8:00)    Anson Loose, Bass
     Anthem (11:00)     Primary Choir
     Offertory (11:00)   There Shall a Star from Jacob Come Forth   –Mendelssohn   
                                   Senior Choir                                 
December 24 (No Sunday School)
     Sermon                Dr. Michael Rogers
     Prelude                Brass Ensemble
     Anthem (8:00)     Bethlehem of Noblest Cities                              –Helvey
                                  Matins Choir
     Anthem (11:00)    O Come, Redeemer of the Earth                      –Hanson
                                  Senior Choir
Hallelujah Chorus – Congregation joining the Choirs

December 31
     Sermon               Dr. Michael Rogers
     Prelude              Jonathan Humbert, Organist
     Offertory             Kristie Kroll, Alto
NO Evening Service

Adult and children’s choirs rehearse December 6, 13, & 20
No Wednesday Fellowship Night activities December 13, 20, & 27. All Wednesday activities resume January 3, including choirs

Evenings in Advent        6:30 PM

December 3    
     Sermon              Rev. David Kieffer
     Prelude              Katie Zappitella – Piano  
     Advent Music:   Timmy Sheetz – Harpsichord and Piano
                                 Carolyn McLain – Soprano
December 10
     Sermon               Dr. John Light
     Prelude               Valerie Hise – Piano
     Advent Music:    Lauren Reed – Piano
                                 Clarinet Choir

December 17, Carol Sing
     Sermon              Rev. Chris Walker
     Prelude              Piano Quartet: Jessica Sheetz, Jonathan Humbert, 
                                Carol Rogers, Patricia Bleecker
     Advent Music:   Congregational Carol Sing
                    Accompanied by the Piano Quartet

December 24, Christmas Eve, 6 PM (Nursery for Infants–3 years old)
    Sermon                 Dr. Tucker York
    Prelude (5:40)       Année Reach – Soprano
                                  Jonathan Humbert – Organ
    Anthems:              Primary Choir, Junior Choir, Matins Choir
    Tableau                                               Youth

December 24, Christmas Eve, 10 PM (No Nursery)    
    Sermon                  Dr. Michael Rogers
    Prelude (9:30)       Men’s Quartet – Jim Casler, Peter Achor, Mark Espenshade, Thomas Cozzoli
                                   Piano Duets – Carol Rogers and Patricia Bleecker
    Anthems:               Senior Choir
    Candle Lighters    Senior High Youth

No Sunday School on December 24 and no evening service on January 31. Sunday evening services resume with a Service of Holy Communion, January 7, 6:30 PM.