Online Church Directory Instructions

Thank you for participating in the online picture church directory. This is a very helpful tool to enable new members and attenders to get to know people and feel part of the congregation. Using an online directory will allow us to constantly keep our directory up-to-date. The online directory is easily printable from your desktop, but we will also have professionally printed directories available later this year.

You have 2 Options:

Option #1 - Upload your own family photo.

We plan to have the online directory available in July, at which time you will be able to upload a family photo directly into your profile for our congregants to see. You will also be able to edit your information and be in control of the information you would like published (ie, address, phone number, email, etc). This online directory will only be available to members and regular attenders of our congregation. Directions and information about how to do this will be coming soon. If someone you know doesn’t have internet access, the church office will be able to help with this.

Option #2 - Get a professional photo taken & uploaded for you.

If you got your picture taken through the church by Sally Krueger, please follow the directions below to select a picture for the online church directory. We will upload the picture for you.

How to select your photo directory picture.

• Several weeks after your session, you will receive an email from “Sally Belle Photography” containing a link to your personal gallery of photos.

• You can click on your photos to scroll through them individually in order to choose which image you would like the church to use in the directory.

• Once you’ve chosen, simply click the heart shaped icon in the top left corner of the picture to “favorite” that image.

• You will be prompted to create an account on my website. Simply follow the directions to register your account

• Once completed you’ll be taken back to your gallery where you will see that your selected photo has been saved as a favorite! That’s it – you’re done!

If you desire to purchase any of your images, you’ll find sizing and package options to the right of each photo when you click on it. You can simply make your choice, add it to your shopping cart and check out as you might on any other website. Once you complete the checkout process, your order will be processed and shipped directly to your door.