We believe the Bible teaches that the body of Christ should support the work of the Church as an act of worship.

The following funds are available for giving:

General Fund – Gifts to this fund are used for the general expenses of the church (salaries, property maintenance, supplies, etc.).              Great Commission (missions) support and related expenses are also provided through the General Fund.

Facility and Equipment Fund – Gifts to this fund are used for equipment, major repairs and property improvement (parking lot paving,          copiers, etc.)

Benevolence Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to provide compassionate financial assistance to those in the church body who have          financial emergencies.

Radio Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to pay expenses associated with producing and airing the weekly Sunday morning broadcast of the Westminster Pulpit on WDAC radio.

Christian Education Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to award scholarships for K-12 Christian education expenses for children of the          church. 

Special Offering – Special offerings are collected throughout the year, generally in the time surrounding Missions Conference, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  All of the monies designated for these offerings are provided to a particular project, as designated in advance by Session.

Missions Conference Offering - 2019 offering is equally divided between Pioneers’ “Pursuit of the Nations” Campaign and Jesus Film Project’s “Mission 865.”  Click here to learn more: Missions conference. Click here to Give Now.

Please contact the financial secretary, Anna Kiehl at 717.569.2151 or kiehl@westpca.com

if you need to change your giving schedule or update your payment information.