Please note: Our online giving portal has recently changed. Your previous account (with preferences and schedule) is no longer available. When you enter the new site, please select “First Time?” to set up a new account. As always, you can select “Quick Give” to give without an account. Thanks for your help in this upgrade! (If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Financial Secretary at 717.569.2151.)

Westminster Church's online giving portal can be accessed here.  You will be taken to a separate, secure website.




We believe the Bible teaches that the body of Christ should support the work of the Church as an act of worship.

Gifts can be given:


 At any worship service: If you choose to give during a worship service, we encourage you to contact the church’s finance office to receive pre-numbered envelopes.  Use of these envelopes assists the finance office to maintain giving records confidentially and efficiently.


Online: (Quick give) Click on link above to give without creating an account



Online: (Scheduled give) Click on link above to create a secure account that saves your giving preferences and allows you to schedule and authorizes automatic gifts.


All gifts, both physical or electronic are included in your giving record.


The following funds are available for giving:

General Fund – Gifts to this fund are used for the general expenses of the church (salaries, property maintenance, supplies, etc.).              Great Commission (missions) support and related expenses are also provided through the General Fund.

Facility Improvement Fund – Gifts to this fund are used for equipment, major repairs and property improvement (parking lot paving,          copiers, etc.)

Benevolence Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to provide compassionate financial assistance to those in the church body who have          financial emergencies.

Radio Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to pay expenses associated with producing and airing the weekly Sunday morning broadcast of the Westminster Pulpit on WDAC radio.

Christian Education Fund – Gifts to this fund are used to award scholarships for K-12 Christian education expenses for children of the          church. 

Special Offering – Special offerings are collected throughout the year, generally in the time surrounding Easter, Missions Conference, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  All of the monies designated for these offerings are provided to a particular project, as designated in advance by Session (typically a missions project or the church’s Benevolence Fund) 

  • Missions Conference Offering is currently open. Funds donated will be divided equally between ChinaAid and Voice of the Martyrs. See Missions conference booklet for detailed information about the ministries. Go to the Missions Conference page for more details.