Membership Information


To become a communicant member of Westminster Presbyterian Church requires a personal profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. Elders of the church ask to hear your spiritual history, in a friendly interview. Members must also have been recipients of some Trinitarian baptism either at the time of becoming a member or in the past.

We hold 10-week membership classes in our Adult Sunday Class at 9:30 AM, twice a year. These classes run from the first week of March to the end of May, and again from the first week of September to the end of November. Attendance is required of all would-be members. Click here for more information.

Our youth have a separate beginning in eighth grade to take a class in the winter and spring months, at the end of which they may confess Christ publicly and become members if they are judged eligible to do so by their personal faith.

Sunday morning attendance at our two morning services averages about 1,100 persons. Total membership of Westminster in the year 2015 is above 1,200. We do attempt to oversee our members with active pastoral care for them and their families as needed. Those who move away from the area or become inactive are removed from the roll within two years.

Beyond giving our people compassionate pastoral oversight, Westminster Church does practice formal church discipline when no other means can recall an unrepentant person from their open, scandalous sin.