Men's Ministry

Men need other men to fight spiritual battles and mature in faith that is pleasing to God. Our ministry events and groups are intended to help men reconnect with their Savior and develop bonds with other men. Men's Ministry hosts events like bus trips, seasonal dinners, small group Bible studies, and athletic programs such as basketball, volleyball, softball, and golf outings.


2019 Fall Men’s Retreat

Mark your calendar for November 1-3, 2019.

Men's Bible Studies

Tuesday Bible Study Group
6:30-7:30 AM
@ Park City Diner (across from Ollies parking lot)
Dave Teply (717.898.2767)

Wednesday Bible Study Group
7-8 AM
(Room 103 Westminster Church)
Contact: Keith Greer (978.369.8535)
Breakfast at Oregon Dairy to follow

Evening 6:30-7:30 PM
@ WPC, Lower level rooms
Led by Peter Florio (717.335.3785)

Thursday Bible Study Groups
Weekly 6:30-7:30 AM
@ Arthurs, Eden Resort
Contact: Ernie Springer (717.464.3686)

Monthly 6:00–7:15 AM
Fourth Thursday each month
@ Silver Spring Family Restaurant
Contact: Matt Beelen (717.575.6696)

Friday Bible Study Group
6:00 AM
@ Knight & Day Diner, Lititz
Book Study/Discussion
Contact: Wayland Gillingham (717.291.9895)

Men's Integrity Groups
Weekly confidential support helping one another overcome sexual addiction & related challenges by God's grace.
Contact: Pastor York

Men's Ministry Picture Galleries

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Dr. John Light's testimony as given at the March 2017 men's Steak-Out     LISTEN

Rev. David Kieffer's testimony as given at the September 2017 men's Pig-Out     LISTEN

Rev. David Kieffer preaches at the men’s retreat from Matthew 20:1-16, calling us to repent of the sin of envy.     LISTEN

Elder Jim O’Connor and others discuss the WPC Refugee Fellowship at the July 2019 men’s Pig-Out.     LISTEN

Purpose Statement for Men’s Ministry

The men’s ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church exists to strengthen and equip men for daily living, encouraging them to pursue and maintain meaningful relationships with Christ and other men in pursuit of the same by:

  • Continually pointing men to the gospel of grace

  • Providing small groups for biblical teaching and fellowship which encourage practical application

  • Welcoming and assimilating men who are not yet meaningfully connected through various planned activities and events

  • Encouraging transparency and mutual accountability as it relates to our individual struggles

  • Supporting one another with prayer and encouragement

  • Providing opportunities for serving others and proclaiming the gospel to the lost