Our Philosophy of Worship


In this day of a massive swing toward so-called "contemporary" worship practices, Westminster Church has consciously and thoughtfully maintained a pattern for worship that many would label "traditional." We do not do so merely to cherish tradition. Our Sunday morning services are structured, reverent in tone and above all, God-centered rather than man-centered. We do not believe in watering down worship to a least-common-denominator level in order to appeal to the general public. Worship is to be done according to Biblical patterns for the sake of God's own praise and glory! Strong expository preaching of the Word of God is at the center of all we do. We appreciate the rich strength of classic hymns. Our music program is known for excellence in the quality of praise offered to God by several choirs, plus many vocalists and instrumentalists.

Worship on Sunday evening is less structured, but as always, our goal is to lift up the glory of God and to apply his Word to the lives of God's people and the lost in our midst.