Westminster offers resources for our members to pursue growing their relationship with the Lord. While we believe regular fellowship among believers is vital, personal growth must also be facilitated privately through Bible study, and prayer. We hope these resources assist you as you seek to learn, grow, and become more like Christ.

The PCA Foundation offers a variety of charitable financial services to help Christians fulfill their stewardship responsibilities and carry out their charitable desires.

Pastoral Counseling

We have a mix of pastors with complementary gifts. All are involved in pastoral care, but our primary pastor in this area is senior associate pastor Dr. John Light. John has his Doctor of Ministry degree in counseling, and he excels in offering mature and wise counsel for a variety of life needs. He is also able to give referrals to other trusted Christian professionals in the counseling field.

Church Library

Westminster’s library, located on the north side of the building across from the sanctuary, houses approximately 7,500 books and resources. Commentaries, inspirational writings, devotionals, biographies, and books about theology, Christian living, family & parenting are available for check-out.  Fiction and nonfiction books for children & adults alike are included, plus a CD and DVD collection.

The library is available for all our members and regular attenders to use.  If you are not yet listed in our church directory, you will need to complete a library registration card, available at the check-out counter, to check out any items.

Our library collection is digitally cataloged and available for you to view online by clicking the link below.  You are also welcome to use the search computer in the library to access this catalog.  Please see a library worker if you need assistance.

For more information, please contact Laura Stackhouse, Westminster's librarian.


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Susquehanna Valley Presbytery

Bible Translation

Westminster Presbyterian Church has never had one official translation of the Bible formally approved for use by our members. On a given Sunday morning, perhaps a dozen different translations are in the hands of our people. What Bible you personally read will always be your choice. However, for decades there has been a majority translation used in our congregation, the New International Version. For thirty-plus years, the NIV has been the best-selling of all Bible translations among evangelicals; at one time accounting for 50% of all Bible sales. our pastors have each used the New International Version (hereafter called NIV) in our ministries for decades, so it seems like an old friend.

Now we explain to you why, in October 2011, we set the NIV translation aside for general use in worship. All our elders join in recommending that in fall 2011, we begin to use the English Standard Version (ESV) as a baseline Bible translation for worship and preaching at Westminster.

This will mean: 

  • Our Pew Bibles will be replaced with the ESV translation, soon.
  • All Scripture printed in the bulletin for any purpose will be from the ESV.
  • Normally, the pastor will read his text and preach from the ESV. Sometimes he may find a good reason to read from another translation, including the NIV.
  • We recommend that teachers use the ESV as a basis for teaching Westminster classes.
  • The Bibles our Sunday school has traditionally given to children in the second grade will henceforth be the ESV translation.

You might guess we have strong reasons for this decision, since we have loved and valued the NIV. This is a decision in which we now feel there is no other choice. Please take time to read this document (see download link below). The explanation requires more than a few words.

Download full document.