Summer Program Schedule

7:00 - 8:00 PM   Summer Nights Series, Children’s Activities, & Nursery

6:30–8:30 PM   Youth Group


Summer youth group (completed Grades 6–12) meets under the direction of Rev. Chris Walker,

interim youth assistant Serena Jones, summer youth interns, Ben Swarr and Kelsey Miller and the volunteer youth staff in Room LL9.

Visit our website,, for details.

No youth group on July 12.


Supervised activities and Bible lessons for children aged 4 through completed Grade 5 are held in Room 119.


Nursery for infants through aged 3 provided in Room 110.

Summer Nights Series Speaker Schedule: Located in The Reformation Room (Room 148)


A History of the Strasburg Railroad

Steve Barrall - Station Master of the Strasburg Railroad

Eric Conner - Assistant Station Master

What began as an afterthought in the early 19th century eventually became one of America’s premier steam train excursions and the most visited heritage railroad in the continental United States. From its charter in 1832 through its rebirth in 1958 to today, not even the wildest imagination foresaw the remarkable transformation this “Methuselah of railroads” would undergo. This presentation chronicles the unlikely success of America’s oldest continuously operating railroad. Explore how and why Strasburg’s four-and-a-half-mile line survived, and discover the story behind its ascension to prominence as an iconic, internationally known, small-town steam railroad.

Steve Barrall and Eric Conner have co-authored a book called, Images of Rail: Strasburg Rail Road.



Skip Loose and Harry Black - 50 Years of Friendship

Skip Loose and Harry Black

Charter members Skip Loose and Harry Black have been friends for 50 years. Come and learn how their love of Christ, Westminster Presbyterian Church, and restoring antique cars has built a life-long bond.



You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide

Eric and Julia Reed

Eric and Julia Reed were commissioned as young Air Force officers and began their service as nominal Christians and with Julia as a committed feminist! Learn how the Lord providentially used friends, colleagues, long runs, and the Saudi Arabian Desert to draw them each to Him in His own time. They will discuss their experiences in the military and how the Lord used these to strengthen both their marriage and their walk with Christ.


July 12

A Christian Response to Genetic Engineering

John Barry, PhD

Scientific innovation in genetic engineering has recently led to new capabilities to modify the genetic code, including CRISPR/Cas9. As Christians, we need to understand how the Bible speaks about life and critically evaluate genetic modification to effectively engage our culture and promote biblical values in our country. Please join us for an overview of some of the novel genetic engineering technologies now emerging and a discussion of related biblical principles and some of the moral and ethical implications that accompany these advances.

This talk has been arranged by the Sanctity of Life Ministry.


July 19

Biblical and Secular Perspectives on Career Development and the Importance of a Balanced Lifestyle

Ben Stiles, PhD

Society places great strain on the youth of the United States to assimilate to very narrow career pathways. What does life look like when we finally do land that job? And what “should” retirement look like? Come and interact as we explore, through personal narrative and actual data, what a career really is and God’s plan for each of us as we move through each of life’s stages.