Supported Missions

Dave & Deb Almack
USA, CLC Ministries

Trip & Joy Beans
USA, Reformed University Fellowship, Millersville

Stephen & Susan Beck
Germany, Greater Europe Mission

Ron & Francine Bergey
France, Mission to The World

Gene & LuAnn Bowman
USA, Hispanic Leadership Initiative

Joshua & Katie Charette
USA/First Nations, Mission to North America

Jeff and Amy Cottone
USA, Redeemer PCA Church Plant

Joe & Melissa Dentici
USA, RUF, Penn State

Cheryl Erb
USA, Mission to North America

Bruce & Linda Farrant
USA/First Nations, Mission to North America

David & Julie Gentino
USA, Columbia PCA

Fay Goddard
USA (retired), Overseas Missionary Fellowship

Sam & Elizabeth Goodwin
Germany, MTW

Dave and Lisa Henry

Steph & Fred Hubach

John & Inez Hunt 
USA (retired), Mission to The World

Matt & Jenn Irvine 
United Kingdom, World Harvest Mission

Steven and Loren Light                           USA, Sojourner Presbyterian Church 

John & Signe MacRae
Australia, Westminster Presbyterian Church of Australia

Ken & Tammie Matlack
Germany, Mission to The World

Linda McInturff
USA (retired), Bible Visuals International

Walt & Lisa Mueller
USA, Center for Parent/Youth Understanding

Nick and Jen Policow 
USA, New City Fellowship PCA

Stephen & Berenice Rarig
Australia, Mission to The World

Richard and Lynne Smith                         USA. Reformed University Fellowship, State College   

Art & Ursula Spooner
Austria, World In Need

SI & Michelle Suh
USA, MNA Chaplain Ministry

Chris Torcia                                                 USA. Harvest USA

Gary & Lois Watanabe 
Japan, Mission to The World

Hugh & Martine Wessel
France, Mission to The World

Tim & Barbara Yates 
Taiwan, Friends of CRTS

Bruce & Susan Young 
USA/Japan, Mission to The World

Anees & Fareda Zaka 
USA, Church Without Walls

J.G. & Daryl Zoellner 
Canada, Mission to North America

In Sensitive Areas
Some of Westminster's missionaries serve in fields where great sensitivity is required. We are unable to publish information about their work since this could be detrimental to their ministry.